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Road Safety Authority expert urges us all to make sure that we can be seen on the road

Pedestrians and cyclists are highly vulnerable. They need to pay extra attention to being seen. Although you can't be responsible for the way people drive, you can make yourself safer while out walking, jogging or cycling, by increasing your visibility to other road users.

It is critical you take every precaution to stay safe, whether walking, jogging or cycling.

It's not just pedestrians and cyclists who need to be seen during the brighter evenings. Drivers can do their bit also; turning on your dipped headlights during the day prevents collisions.

Using dipped headlights makes it easier to see oncoming vehicles in the distance and prevents daytime head-on and front-corner collisions.

As for pedestrians and cyclists, high visibility clothing isn't just for winter time. They are for use all year round and it's just as important to wear them as the evenings get brighter and we move from spring to summer.

In fact you are probably more at risk as a pedestrian or cyclist during the brighter, and drier days of summertime than you are in winter.